Friday, February 8, 2013

Presentations...... Presentations.... Presentations

After a long day of preparing a solution, submitting solutions between 9-11pm, then a long night of preparing a presentation:

Teams present their solutions to the problem sponsors throughout the day on Friday.

Teams find out when they are presenting early on friday morning...  Design Build presented first at 7am.  Here they are getting ready

Design-Build presenting their solution to McCarthy Construction
Design build after presenting.  They look pretty good for an intense 24 hrs with no sleep!

Early was in the cards for BSU this year.  Our Heavy Civil Team also presented their solution at 7am.  Here they are minutes before presenting to Kiewit.

The mixed-use team sits at the ready just before they started their presentation to Layton Construction
and... mixed use after their presentation with Faculty advisor Prof. Bill Mincks

Here's the Risk team preparing for their presentation.. which for this problem is more like a meeting with company executives to defend and explain decisions that were made thoughout the competition day
Risk team with faculty advisor Wendy Wendrowski and Industry coaches and sponsor, Beniton Construction.

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