Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another year, another great Reno experience

Saturday - Career Fair followed by Awards Ceremony

Adam Capell, Heavy Civil Team captain is seen talking to one of the many companies participating at the Career Fair.  There were 67 companies at this year's career fair and companies were actively recruiting students for internships and full time positions.

Professor Davis chatting with CM students at the career fair

Here's Ben Fisher with Mark Mehalovich, talent coordinator for Baker Concrete.  Ben was offered an internship with Baker for this coming summer.  Baker Construction has been very successful recruiting BSU CM students.  In the past 2 years, there are 6 students now either working full time or participating in Baker's internship program.

 The awards ceremony ends the competition.  This year there were over 1200 students, representing 40 Universities competing in 14 different problem categories.  The ASC student competition is a tremendous example of Industry Companies and Universities working together to provide an unparalleled  educational opportunity and professional develop experience to our students

The BSU Risk team took 3rd place!!  Congrats!!

One final photo opportunity prior to loading the bus for the 7 hour drive home to Boise

Friday, February 8, 2013

Marine team pulls into dock

 The Marine team was Boise State's final team to present on Friday.  The Broncos presented a novel solution to the problem that seemed to earn the respect of the problem sponsors, Kiewit Bridge & Marine.  For now the team will unwind and await the results at tomorrow's award ceremony.

Duel Christensen answers a direct question from the judges.

A relaxed Marine team relishes in the fact they can take a nap...after they load some gear on the bus.

Driving and striving

As the day goes by the teams are hard at work in their suites, devising unique and novel solutions to the problems presented to them by the industry sponsors.


Presentations...... Presentations.... Presentations

After a long day of preparing a solution, submitting solutions between 9-11pm, then a long night of preparing a presentation:

Teams present their solutions to the problem sponsors throughout the day on Friday.

Teams find out when they are presenting early on friday morning...  Design Build presented first at 7am.  Here they are getting ready

Design-Build presenting their solution to McCarthy Construction
Design build after presenting.  They look pretty good for an intense 24 hrs with no sleep!

Early was in the cards for BSU this year.  Our Heavy Civil Team also presented their solution at 7am.  Here they are minutes before presenting to Kiewit.

The mixed-use team sits at the ready just before they started their presentation to Layton Construction
and... mixed use after their presentation with Faculty advisor Prof. Bill Mincks

Here's the Risk team preparing for their presentation.. which for this problem is more like a meeting with company executives to defend and explain decisions that were made thoughout the competition day
Risk team with faculty advisor Wendy Wendrowski and Industry coaches and sponsor, Beniton Construction.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let the competition begin!!

Thursday morning between 6-7 am teams meet with their problem sponsors to receive their problems and instructions for the day

The Design-Build team led by Joey Paul (center) receive proposal documents and instructions from McCarthy Construction.  The problem is to develop a design, site layout, and construction documents for an administration building which includes various services for an existing prison in California.
They have been preparing since early september with industry coaches Chuck Graves  (McAlvain), Bob Prior (URS), and Larry Dresser (MK-retired).
They are much more excited than they look!  Coffee is just kicking in.



Here's the Mixed-Use team after receiving their problem statement from Layton Construction.  Brady Lasher carries the plans and team captain Kris Moncada gives the 'we're #1 sign"

Each team has an alternate who prepares with the team to fill if one of the team members cannot make the trip.  There is also an Alternate problem that is sponsored by Rudolph and Sletton for all the alternates from the various Universities. 
Seen here with his BSU hat and strong coffee is Cody Allison with altnerates from various universities beginning to work on their problem.  The alternate problem is unique in that you don't know your team until early thursday morning. 
Kirk Paul in the team room rolling along on the mixed use problem

Teams set up their hotel room as a company office.  Here are members of the mixed use team working on their problem

Five teams looking for Glory!

Here is a quick glimpse at the teams representing Boise State Construction Management this year:

Heavy Civil Team

Marine Team

Risk Assessment Team

Mixed Use Team

Design Build

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The teams have arrived!

After a long drive across the frozen Nevada desert, the teams arrived at The Nugget earlier this afternoon...

On arrival, rooms and luggage were sorted and the groups began to prepare their rooms for tomorrow's competition.  Each team has a large suite where they will be sequestered for the majority of Thursday.  With help from Jason Cook from the College of Engineering's IT department, the five groups are ready to start Thursday as early as 6:00 in the morning to analyze the problem that has been presented to them.

  Before settling down for the night, there was a welcome banquet for the students and their faculty advisers.  They were treated to wonderful meal of salads, breads, tri-tip steak, bbq chicken and fried prawns that are the staple of every Nevada buffet courtesy of Granite Construction and Stacy and Whitbeck. Inc.  After topping that off with plenty of the desert, the students took one last break to test the limits of the Nugget's arcade.